Book Reviews

The Grace Outpouring – Becoming a People of Blessing

by Roy Godwin

This book has been one of the most popular for severfal years. It’s the story of Ffalder-y-Brenin (fal-duh-brenin), a retreat house in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and how Roy Godwin and his wife Daphne became the managers and the extraordinary experiences visitors have there.

The first chapters describe how God overcame their resistance to becoming Christian Retreat managers ( or rather Roy’s ) and it reveals how God gets his way in the life of a Christian leader who thinks he’s on top of God’s will for his life.

It then describes how God showed Roy that Ffalder-y-Brenin was to become a house of prayer, with the emphasis on blessing visitors and those living nearby, in the local village. The accounts of how God manifest himself to visitors, even quite sceptical ones are quite startling as people experience the presence of God. Godwin goes on to talk about Houses of Prayer and how to set one up. This new edition concludes with a study guide.

An easy, encouraging and rewarding read, that’s worth giving to anyone.

Weakness is the Way

by J. I. Packer

In 1973, J.I. Packer published¬† a book called ‘Knowing God’. It’s still in print and been very influential book for many people. In 2013, Packer published ‘Weakness is the Way’ – Life with Christ our Strength.xInspired by 2 Corinthians, it has three parts.

Part One, ‘Christ the Christians Calling’, speaks of how Paul, in weakness, re-establishes his relationship with the Corinthians and expresses how this enables him to take strength from Christ in his ministry. Part Two, ‘Christ and the Christians Giving’ deals with principles and attitudes, rather than percentages. Lastly Part Three, ‘Christ and the Christians Hoping’ expands in strength in weakness and what is truly meant by ‘comfort’. Packer contrasts the ‘treasure’ Gods servants have and the ‘jars of clay’ they have it in.

A highly recommended read.